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 FYM100 Vertical translation 2 -3 level

*The garage cover an area of an area small, space utilization rate is high, can achieve one square meter 1 car park. Intelligent control, simple operation.  

 FYM200 Lift sliding translation 2-5 level


*The parking equipment at the top of the load on the floors and in the bottom of the floors just move around. The bottom of each control areas shall leave a parking space, can move through the floors of the transformation in space, make the space is the top of the above the floors of load down to the bottom, the whole process is to finish. In the car on the floors of the bottom don't need any action, can be directly out.



 FYM300 inground 2-3 cycle parking  


*Can leave out the original plane parking of pass in and out of lanes, improve the land utilization rate

 FYM400 Car tower:


*The ground without facilities and plane parking lot also beautiful; Let the car high efficiency, the upper can cart park; The operation is simple, cost, low noise.



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